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Help Us Bring More Earth Science Materials to Students and Teachers Around the Country!

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Earth Science Week, celebrated each October, reaches over 50 million people annually with activities, materials, and information about the geosciences. Twenty years since its inception, Earth Science Week remains the largest international education campaign dedicated exclusively to promoting awareness of the importance of the geosciences and stewardship of the planet.

AGI organizes the program each year with support from major partners in the federal government, the private sector, and the nonprofit community, including U.S. Geological Survey; National Park Service; AAPG Foundation; NASA; American Geophysical Union; National Geographic; Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration; Geological Society of America; Archaeological Institute of America; Association of American State Geologists; ESRI, and many others.

ESW provides many educational & informational resources, including:

Earth Science Week Online is a comprehensive set of educational and informational materials available to anyone of any age.

Earth Science Week Toolkits provide hard copies of many key resources for instruction, including dozens of posters, worksheets, guides, bookmarks, disks, and other materials.

Classroom Activities is an online compendium of more than 120 free Earth science learning activities, searchable by topic and grade level.

Earth Science Week Update, the monthly electronic newsletter, provides participants with year-round information on resources, opportunities, and program partners.

SEED Earth Science Week Online Toolkit, a partnership of Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development and AGI, provides education resources in Spanish and English.

Please consider supporting Earth Science Week by donating today. Whether you choose to support our website or an Earth Science Week toolkit, your support is crucial for success of this transformational program.

Top image credit: Mandy He, submitted to AGI's 2012 Earth Science Week Art Contest